The Best Veggies And Fruits To Grow in Each Season

This blog post goes out to Steve from instagram :D. Hey Steve Heeey! So, i did a poll on what my followers would like to know more about, and Steve suggested I write about the best vegetables and fruits to grow in each season. This is an awesome topic for a beginner gardener like me….

Heavy Rain? Bring Your Potted Plants Inside

We are having a lot of heavy rain in Georgia. Although rain is very beneficial for the soil and roots of plants in the garden, you know the saying “you can have too much of a good thing”? In your plants case, this is true and can be very detrimental to potted plants and in…

Im Back!

After my first full 2 years of gardening, back in 2017, I decided to take a hiatus :(. Long time, right? There were alot of ups and down..most of my plants died from improper care and the ones that did bear fruit didn’t bear enough for me to actually have any full meals from. I…

Practice Patience

From a beginner gardener to another, BE PERSISTENT AND BE PATIENT.