Greetings :) !

My name is Parker , this blog was created to capture my organic growing process . I am a beginner at gardening and sadly i wasn’t born with a “green thumb” . However, I am a avid believer in clean eating and exercising my right to grow organically while that option is still available in the United States .  Through my journey, I hope to not only record my progress , but maybe to also inspire someone else to start their very own organic garden . I’m excited for you to take this journey with me .

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  1. seekpeaceadmin2 says:

    Greetings!!! I am a like minded soul. Nice to meet you and hope we can enjoy each others world of greatness

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  2. organicdime says:

    Very nice to meet you as well, you have a pretty cool blog maybe you can give me some pointers 🙂


  3. Gemma says:

    Nice post, this is something that I don’t currently do but would love to in the future! hope you can check out/follow my blog


    1. organicdime says:

      Thanks a bunch ! Ill go check your blog out thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  4. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to follow you in your new journey! I, too, am in the early stages of learning about organic gardening. I found an inexpensive book while surfing the web that really helped me wrap my head around the whole process. It’s called “Beginner’s guide to Organic Gardening” and can be found here:
    Good luck, and looking forward to following your progress!


    1. organicdime says:

      Thanks alot ! And good luck on your journey .


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