No See Ums From Hell

Soooooo, someone could have warned me that I was going to get devoured by Flying Minges ( or should I say mosquitoes from hell ) .

If you follow my blog, you can see that I haven’t posted in like a week. This is mainly due to the fact that every time I step foot into my backyard these little devils go into full on attack mode .

The first day of ‘Tilling with Denim’ was horrific. After about a hour into tilling i decided to give it a rest and finish the remainder of the garden the next day, after i figured out a solution for my bug problem . And not only did Denim poop in the garden but I also went to sleep with about 20 mosquito bites, including one on my face ( they attacked my face guys, that is so disrespectful ).

The next day I decided to stop by a drugstore to pick up a bottle  of mosquito repellent, so that I could finish tilling the garden without getting pestered for my blood lol. Off Outdoor Fogger…nope. Cutters Natural Repellent….nope. Off Deep Forest . That sounded perfect ! The answers to all my problems . I soon found out that not only did the bud spray not work but it seemed to have attracted more bugs then when i tilled without any repellent at all .  This time the bugs were biting through my clothing. Yikes ! After about 10 minutes of trying to swat mosquitoes I decided to give up and unfortunately have not been back in the garden since ( but i do look at it through my bedroom window and wish that I were there lol).

I decided that I would start my seedlings inside of the house . While I wait on my babies to sprout I will be researching some alternative ways to keep these beast from feasting on me . I feel as though I am not the only beginner gardener with this issue so when i find a solution i will share those findings.

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