Update: Where To Buy Organic Seeds ?

Over a week ago , I made a post in search of a site that produces organic vegetable and fruit seeds . In my search , a factor that was most important to me was making sure that the seed dealer would be, in no way, affiliated with Monsanto. If you are not aware of what Monsanto is here’s a brief synopsis :

Monsanto is one of the major agriculture companies that are frequently under fire for producing genetically modified seeds in the United States. Monsanto is also responsible for creating the herbicide glyphosate, Round Up, that many farmers are using on their plants and the grass that grows around them. Round Up’s main objective is to help control the growth of weeds that may compete with the farmers food for its space and nutrients.

You may be asking, what is so wrong about farmers wanting to kill off weeds that could possibly take over their bountiful farms? The main issue, is the chemicals that Round Up has in it . Its main ingredient is glyphosate. Scientific research has linked many illness and disease such as autism, breast cancer, birth defects and more to this ingredient.

So do you see the reason why you want to stay away from any company that is affiliated with Monsanto ?

After asking around and doing an extensive internet search, I ran across a website called seedsnow.com

PO Box 1820
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358

They provide non-gmo, non-hybrid, organic seeds. They have also taken the Safe Seed Pledge through the Council for Responsible Genetics. If you would like more information on the Safe Seed Pledge or any other companies that have taken the pledge you can visit http://www.councilforresponsiblegenetics.org/

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