Garden Stone Steps Under $30

Spruce up your garden this summer with some refreshing and very affordable stone steps !

If you know me, you know that I like to decorate on a budget . This summer I wanted to get rid of the dirt path that leads from my back gate to my garden. Here is a list of steps and materials it took to accomplish this look  AND IT WAS ALL UNDER 30 BUCKS !

Materials you will need :

  • Roll of Black Plastic Bag ( Family Dollar $1)
  • Pair of Scissors ( Most of us already have these laying somewhere around the house )
  • 7 bags of Vigoro Pea Pebbles ( Home Depot $3.65 per bag )

*Feel free to use any stones you may like but these are the ones i used for my backyard


1. Remove any weeds from the area you plan on laying your stone.


2. Unroll a plastic bag and lay it on top of the area you maybe trying to cover (This is a simple step but this is the most important) . You want to make sure you cover the area with black plastic bags before pouring the stone down because this will prevent any weeds from growing up under the stones.

3. Lay stone around the perimeter of your trash back first, such that when you are pouring the remainder of the stone down, the trash bags will not move.

4. Lay the rest of the stone down evenly throughout . And Voila ! A brand new back yard in less than 5 steps and under 30 bucks .


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