My Solution To No See Um Attacks

I finally found a solution that works !

We all hate those pesky biting minges ( no see ums). They are so persistent that even bug spray may not keep them off of you . So here is my solution to my no see um attacks.

I recently purchased a mosquito net suit from amazon and I am very satisfied with my purchase, it was worth every penny. Ever since i started wearing this suit in my garden, I can definitely see the minge’s land on me but they are no longer able to bite through to my skin. This is awesome especially, in light of the recent rise in mosquito transmitted diseases. The great thing about this suit is, you don’t have to worry too much about which size to order because they come with adjustable drawstrings. Just order whichever size you think would best fit and then simply adjust it when you’re ready to put it on . Although, this is a great protective barrier i still recommend wearing baggy clothing underneath . See products below.

$12.63                                                         $10.43

*PS. The jacket does come with a zippable head net so don’t buy one separately like i did . Reading is fundamental .

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