Transplanting Success !

Exactly a week ago , I made a post about my first transplant .  Below you can see that the sweet corn has continued to  grow and they look quite healthy, so i will assume that the transplant was a success !

P.S. All transplanted crops were grown from Nation of Islam seeds . 

imageI also promised that if it was a success I would post the steps I took to transplanting my indoor crops , so here we go ! 

Transplanting Steps : 

  1. Bring your indoor plants outside and let them get used to their new environment before putting them in the ground . This will help decrease the chance of transplanting shock. ( I let my plants sit outside for about 4-5 days )image
  2. Till the ground you would like to plant on. I find that adding Natures Care Organic Soil and Black Kow Manure helps to add nutrients to the ground you will work on . (Let the soil settle for about 24-48 hours )
  3. After the soil settles, dig 6-8 inch holes where you would like your plants to grow in.image
  4. Fill the holes with Natures Care Organic Soil and a of handful Black Kow Manure. Mix well !imageimageimage
  5. For the sweet corn, I dug a hole in the soil and manure patch about 1 inch deep. (Research how deep your plant needs to be placed in the soil)
  6. Remove the plant from its starter home very carefully, so that you will not damage the root ball and then proceed to bury it in the soil.
  7. Cover the roots with a little extra soil


Water your plant and watch it grow 🙂 !

This is my sweet corns 1 week of growth .image

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