Self Sustainability : Start By Growing Your Own Food !

In light of recent events in the media, I think it is important to encourage each other to become more self sustainable . From mass shootings to oil leaks, causing the depletion of many of the resources we use everyday , WE ARE TOO DEPENDENT !! Becoming self sustainable is not a far fetched idea but it will take work .

I realize that these things don’t just happen over night and that we are accustomed to a certain lifestyle, but we can at least try to take steps towards it. The first step i chose to take was growing my own food and I truly hope through my journey, you will take action over your own life and start your steps . ¬†Whether that step is taking your money from big corporations and spending it locally or growing your own food , we have to start somewhere ! Sometimes you have to hit em where it hurts in order to see any progress .

Be the change you want to see in your community !

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