MythBuster : Covering Your Seedlings Optimizes Their Growth

So, I said to heck with seeds !  I recently ordered new seeds from, and i am very impressed with their germination rate ( I will make a separate post about the company).

With those seeds I decided to do a quick experiment to solve a conundrum I have been having since I started my gardening journey .

To Cover or Not To Cover … That is the question? !

I planted a total of 15 seeds ( 5 cabbage, 5 collard greens, 5 broccoli). I covered all of them with plastic saran wrap and left two cabbage seedlings uncovered . Here are my results after only 4 days !


Left – Covered : Right : Uncovered. Planted 09/25/2016
Left – Uncovered : Right : Covered . Planted 9/25/2016
Uncovered. Planted 9/25/2016
Covered . Planted 9/25/2016


Planted 09/25/2016 . Growth Logged 10/05/2016


Based on the condensation accumulating in the saran wrapped plastic cup, I would assume this is causing sort of a greenhouse effect. No water can escape from the cup, so as water evaporates, its molecules get trapped and coverts back to a liquid, which, in turn helps to keep the soil consistently warm and moist. A perfect environment for germination !

PS. I only watered the saran wrap cups on the first day of planting. The uncovered cups were watered every morning with spring water because the soil would frequently dry out ( I don’t trust tap water for my own personal consumption so I surely don’t trust it for my plants.)

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