Yesterday , I mentioned, in my Mythbuster post, that I would create a separate blog post about is a company that I recently bought a few packets of Non-GMO seeds through . I was very disappointed with and decided not to reach out to them about sending new seeds because, literally, NONE of their seeds germinated properly.

I apologize for the review delay, but I wanted to test the seeds from before saying great things about them, like I did with

I must say, I am very impressed with the germination rate of PS seeds . I planted the seeds in regular plastic cups with a little soil and a little manure, watered the soil and covered all the cups with saran wrap. Out of the 15 seeds that were sown, ONLY 1 seed did not germinate. Furthermore, it only took about 2-4 days for all of the seeds to produce its first set of leaves.

Last night was night 4 of growth. I had to cut holes in the saran warp to let the plants grow through them because they were already growing out of the cup. I will monitor these plants and in about 2 weeks, I will give another update .

Til’ next time !

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