6 Essential Nutrients For A Healthy and Happy Plant

Did you know that plants need more than water and sunlight to grow at a optimal level ??

Here are 6 key nutrients to keeping your plants healthy and abundant:

1. Calcium:

Crushed egg shells are an excellent source of calcium. Before planting any of your crops you can crush egg shells and add them to your soil or compost. Eggshell also can serve as a pest deterrent against slugs and snail, just sprinkle them around the base of your plant to keep those critters away .


2. Magnesium and Sulfur:

Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate is a gardeners favorite when it comes to providing magnesium and sulfur to their soil. Magnesium helps to strengthen cell walls while also improving the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. If you want superior germination and bountiful fruit and nuts, adding magnesium to your soil is critical.


3. Phosphorus

Seaweed provides trace amounts of phosphorus that aids in increased germination rates, improves a plants frost tolerance and reduces softening and rotting . Because raw seaweed contains high traces of salt, most gardeners do not use raw seaweed unless they have a specific way of treating it before use. Powdered or liquid seaweed is recommended.



4. Potassium:

Molasses is high in potassium and also contains a substantial amount of micro-nutrients. Potassium is essential in the proper growth and reproduction of a plant.  Potassium deficiency in plants can cause yellowing in the plant leaves, stunted growth and defoliation.


5. Nitrogen:

Coffee grounds will not only give you a pick me up but it will also give your garden a  boost as well. Whether using coffee grounds during composting or just adding a little to the soil, coffee grounds are a great way to give your plants the nitrogen it needs to aid in growth and development. Nitrogen is actually the most important nutrient your plant will need to survive.


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