How To: Grow Potatoes In a Bag

Let me start off by saying, this was the EASIEST crop to plant and manage. If you are a beginner gardener and are looking for something to jumpstart your Spring or Fall garden, do yourself a favor and start with potatoes.

Growing potatoes in a bag is ideal for growers who may have limited backyard space or not so ideal weather. The bags allow you to move the potatoes inside during times of inclement weather or from the scorching sun to shade, should you need to.

For best results, only plant in early spring when night time temperatures do not drop below 60 degrees or in mid to late fall.

I planted my potatoes whole and made sure they had atleast 2-3 eyes/sprouts on them.

Let’s get started!


  • Seed Potatoes (I used 4 organic store bought potatoes from Publix)
  • Garden Soil
  • Potting Mix or Perilite
  • Organic Vegetable Fertilizer

Part 1

Step 1

Fold the bag down half way. Add half soil, half potting mix and 1/4 cup of fertilizer. Mix well.

*Note. Garden soil is very dense and sometimes doesn’t drain well in a container. Adding the potting mix helps the roots “breathe” better and also helps decrease overwatering. If you don’t want to use potting mix, you can also try adding Perilite to the soil.

Step 2

Bury 2 seed potatoes per bag, 6 inches deep with the sprouts facing up in the soil and cover. Do not bury too deep!

*Note. I used 2 per bag this time around, but moving forward I probably will only bury 1 seed potato per bag to give each plant enough space to grow.

Step 3

Water well!

Continue to keep the soil moist but not soaked.

Part 2

Once the plant grows 10-12 inches above the soil unfold the bag a few inches and add more soil on top. As the plant grows, you will repeat this step until the bag can no longer be filled.

*Note. Its ok if some of the bottom leaves get covered by soil.

Part 3

When your plant starts to flowers and die back its time to harvest! I actually harvested my potatoes around 9 weeks when I started to see flowers. I was happy I purchased the grow bag that had the flap on it, because it allowed me to easily lift the flap to see how the potatoes were growing.

Have questions ? Please leave a comment, I would be happy to help :)!

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